[EU-CLAN] NextLevel Community

Welcome to our little home on the RUST forums.
This clan is based on a Portuguese Community but we have built an English Rust Community based on the European Rust Server.

This is our story.
NextLevel is an eSports Community based in Portugal that also host a Rust European Community. Born in December 5th of 2010 our main goal is the socialization aspect of gaming in diferent games and platforms.
Since our creation, we always kept our group very strict, and we only recruit people that fit in our parameters in order to keep the quality experience that we provide to eachother everyday.
We offer ao members to be part of an organized, strict, fun and most of all enjoyable community.

So you think you should join us?

  • +18 Years Old;
  • Microphone
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Fluent English;
  • Mature attitude;
  • Experience in the game;
  • Sense of Humor;
  • Skill

What you will find here:

  • Organized Community;
  • Private TeamSpeak 3;
  • House organization and protection;
  • Tactical approach and Assault;
  • Funny OMGosh moments;

What kind of goals do we have?
At each journey and PvP event we strive to better our tactical movements and our communication!
Usually we try to take over a small area of the map, if you join our community we expect you to build a house near ours!
We plan to have one heck of a time playing it. Playing in group just makes the playing so much more fun!!
We strive to earn recognition from other clans from our decisions made in and outside of the game.

It all sounded fine? Great! This is how you join:
It is rather easy to get accepted into NextLevel if you meet the requirements as we have a policy to evaluate you by actually playing with you instead of evaluating you by the application.


  • AGE:
  • MIC: (Yes/No)
  • How long have you played Rust:
  • Why do you want to join us:

**AH! One more thing… Betrayal is severely punished… So please! Dont mess with us!

Thanks for your time!**

Looks interesting. Best of luck to your clan, hopefully our paths will cross soon :slight_smile:

Thanks ! :]


  • AGE: 25
  • COUNTRY: Sweden
  • MIC: (Yes/No) yes
  • How long have you played Rust: since first dutch auction day
  • Why do you want to join us: looks like a intressting clan and i hate playing alone :slight_smile: the more people the more fun

GL for me ; )

i’m curious , how many people are you currently ?

Are you seriously using the rust forums as an application for your community? Why don’t you just handle it through PMs?

Or, considering you are THE next level, why don’t you put it through your website? Anyone can claim their group is three years old and is a huge community from a random country.

Found your website, to save everyone the trouble. Here:

It doesn’t seem your website is as old as you say it is (or did you have an old one) as your oldest member registered on 20.01.2013, which doesn’t seem to be in 2010.

You REALLY care THAT much, dude just leave. What they’re doing is fine. The fact you tried to research info about this is stupid.

In most cases, that’s near to impossible.

LOL… why are you so angry about this? A community outreaching to recruit rust players on the rust forums, WHY?!

This is going to be fucking glorious.

Outright lying about something is fine? Researching because it looked shady? I’m sorry that I care more for the average player than you.


What exactly did they lie about? how long they’ve been around? Just because that particular website is one year old doesn’t mean they haven’t been around for 3 years.

Qual é o objectivo deste clan? Para construir uma cidade? Sendo um português, com base clã brasileiros pessoas que falam a língua materna? Ou será que devemos saber inglês estritamente?

who the fuck cares if they have been around 2 hours ago or 10 years ago , the only thing u should think if they are good people and u get along with them,


  • AGE: 23
  • COUNTRY: Turkey
  • MIC: (Yes/No) Yes
  • How long have you played Rust: since first dutch auction
  • Why do you want to join us: Looks promising, and I like the idea of playing with a group/clan, helping each other against other groups/clans.
  • AGE:27
  • COUNTRY:England
  • MIC: (Yes/No) yes
  • How long have you played Rust:since first Dutch auction
  • Why do you want to join us: looking forward to playing as a part of a mature community rather than playing solo

Go here for group related things.http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1303153

Don’t clog the forums like this, you aren’t more important than other people.

EDIT: Oh god those rating warriors allover the thread :v:

I do fully agree, but as you can see they posted their form in this thread :confused: