*[EU] CLASSIC RUST ! Noob Friendly ; Fair & Fun ! FAIR admins

Hello guys, this a new server with already 10/12 people who are playing on it, hope it will grow more and more !

We are fair admins living in our poor wood house, playing like you and not giving us a HUGE metal house with 1466 C4 to raid you, nope, we were tired of servers like this.

We are trying to help** beginners** and answer all questions !

The server is like : Pvp/Sleeper/Airdrops 15+/50%CraftTimme/Classic(no modes)/NoLags/ Anticheat installed and banned hackers if so!

Just type F1 and copy/paste this in your console to join !


Hope to see you soon!
Feel free to add me on steam : calibuure3 , so we can talk if you are looking for some friends to play rust ! :wink:

Have fun all !

How many hours ago the server wiped?


The servers is fresh , created 4 days ago, no wipe for now !

Bump !

Bump !

Bumpppp !:smiley:

Daily bump guys, we are more and more!

bump !


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