[EU] Classicrust.com ★PvP ★Harder to reach endgame★Friendly Admins★Airdrops★Oxide★Launch 21/03 7PM GMT+2 ★

Most information can be found through our website, and you’d be better of getting an understanding of our project by going there.

*Are you tired of joining a Rust server, even a freshly wiped one, and be raided just a few hours after by men in black kevlar armor and loud explosives?

Here at classic rust we have a dynamic system that ensures you as a new player have the chance to build up, grow, have a nice base and still not miss out on all the fun of killing people and destroying and stealing their hard earned property.*

  • net.connect
  • Reduced droprates of M4/Bolt Action/MP5/C4/Grenades/Kevlar
  • Made items above uncraftable
  • Sleepers
  • Remover tool
  • Friendly admins