[EU] CoreNet|LF Admins|Magma|Kit|NoWipes|AirDrops|sleepers|ObjectR emove|

Have just started my rust server and looking for players to join!

Server is currently running with Oxide

Looking for friendly admins for the server.

Currently do not plan to do any wipes to the server unless actually needed

If you would like to join the server press f1 to open console and enter net.connect

Any suggestions for the server would be appreciated as well, thanks.

**Changed to Oxide, here is our current plugin list currently adding more

  • Chat Moderation
  • Door Share
  • Kits
  • Oxmin
  • Remover Tool
  • Chat History
  • Auto Admin
  • Death Messages
  • Online Admin List
  • Admin Chat
  • Airdrop Frequency Controller(Airdrops start at 10 players)
  • rtvoter **