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DON’T BE SCARED OFF BY THE SERVER LOCATION. THERE IS LITTLE TO NO LAG FOR NA PLAYERS. I chose the server provider I did (Nitrous-Networks) because of their server capabilities. A lot of US Server Providers stretch their server limits. They put too much stress on the CPU and often times don’t have the sufficient RAM to run their games smoothly. Nitrous-Networks has some of the best servers that I could find and afford. They may be EU based but it in no way affects gameplay. There’s no stuttering at all. I’ve been complimented for having such a smooth server. Come in, give it a try, and you’ll see just how well the old girl runs. I’ve put a lot of thought in to what mods I wanted on the server. I wanted to give it a mostly vanilla feel but with a few add-ons for convenience. /tp is mostly for the noobs and there is a ten second delay, so it won’t be used for getting out of a fight (in most cases). I monitor areas to make sure there’s not too much clutter, so as not to lag certain areas. I chose Essentials because of it’s light footprint and overall simplicity. Oxide is having too many issues with the latest patch and so is Magma. Once either Oxide runs smoother or Magma becomes more stable and feature rich, I may consider changing over.


Welcome to the Craft R Rust server!
We’re a 50 slot server with room to grow! Just opened the server a couple days ago. We’ve had about 40 unique users come and go. About 10-12 are on daily, although not currently on. We have a starter kit for the noobs. Anybody who wants to participate in events is more than welcome! Events will be posted on the website 1-2 days prior. Prizes will vary but will always be worth it! During events, you will be given everything you need in order to participate. Don’t want you to lose that sweet 9mm you got in your journeys!

Here are the features:
-Active Admins (friendly and non-abusive)
-C4 is found only in airdrops
-M4 was completely removed
-Factions (/f create ‘name’; /f join ‘name’; /f disband ‘name’; /f invite ‘playername’)
-Airdrops (will soon be limiting certain items and making them more rare)
-Events (pretty much whatever I come up with. There are forums, though, where the community can pitch on ideas and vote for the most popular ones)
-Door sharing
-Teleport System
-Chat history (/chat "1-20) Choose the number of lines
-And more to come in the future!


  • KENpurachicKEN (myself)
  • MLG_THreat
    We can help you out with whatever you need (with certain restrictions, of course)

Hope to see you on!

Hop on our Mumble while you’re at.
Address - eu.mumble.nitrous-networks.co.uk
Port - 65226

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I might also add that if an admin ever abuses their power, they get their admin title revoked. I monitor the console and chat constantly with rusty.

Bump! Need more players to hump

lets go lets go!

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Really Good server it has everything you could ask for, a great community and good quality Admins. Great server overall.

the best server i been on for a while and active admins

Lol thanks guys. Forgot to mention, I also do random prizes throughout the day. Some days more than others. Just depends on server activity. It’s usually nothing special. It ranges from food-rad pills-pick axe and other miscellaneous stuff.

Removed the M4 entirely and limited c4 to only being in air drops.

Yes i agree that is a good idea Good Job great server

Trying to make things as good as I can make them.