[EU]Crakers Server (24/02) - No Sleepers | Door Sharing | PVP | Custom events | PVP Arena | Airdrops | No Cheaters | No Admin Abuse

Hi ! Crakers Server is a new european server, the biggest part of the community is from France , but we accept everybody :slight_smile:

Features :
-No Sleepers (with a 5min delay after disconnection)
-Fast Crafting (50% less duration)
-Airdrops at 10+ online players
-No Grief (you can destroy doors, walls…)
-Friendly Server (we don’t kill new players)
-Door sharing
-Full Custom pvp Arena
-Starter kit with hatchet / sleeping bag

Official website : http://serveurs-rust.org/crakers/
How to join? : press “F1” then copy & paste : net.connect