[EU] CubePlanet.org | New [6.1.14] | No sleepers | PvPvE

Server name: [FIN/ENG] [Oxide] CubePlanet |Door sharing|Sleepers|New 13.1
Slots: 100
Location: Germany

Airdrops at 10
Crafting timescale 30%

Active and friendly administrators who use powers only when needed.

Open console (F1) and type in net.connect rust.cubeplanet.org:28075

See you in game!

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List of server commands

Voice chat (Mumble)

Now running Oxide. Check commands here.

Now running Rust++, due to issues with GSP regarding Oxide.
New commands here http://cubeplanet.org/index.php?threads/server-info.3/#post-3

GSP brought Oxide back, so we’ve switched back to it.

We have setup 100 slot Mumble server for all our players. All teams will get their own channel.

Enjoying our server? Don’t foget to vote for it!

Changed server settings. Faster crafting and more airdrops!
Airdrops at 10
Crafting timescale 30%

Server wiped 1.2.2014.