[EU/DE]03.03 Don't tase me bro[PvP/Oxide/Events/Active Admins/Antideclay] Wiped 03.03

Wiped 03.03.2014 + Welcome Starter Kits
20 Players now Online!!!

We are a friendly, mature group of players from Germany and Europe. We all share a passion for the game Rust and strive for fun and fair play.
Fairplay simply sums up the rules we established for the server. The admins won’t abuse their powers for dominance. Others aren’t allowed to start an insulting war on chat. Cheaters will be dealt with. Everyone plays by the same rules.

Join the Rust Server
I’d like to join in. How can I connect?

Launch Rust and Press F1 to bring up the console.
Copy and Paste the above text into the console.
Press Enter and join the server.

Mod Info:
Oxide Mod with Plugins :
Door Sharing
No Building & Weapons declay!
Location (/location)
Who is Online (/who)
Chat Kill Message ( Xy killed Yx with M4 in the Head)
Welcome Starter Kit
Ping (/ping) (Shows your Ping on server)
Dmg Deal (Shows the dmg you make on Players)

Server Info
Name: [EU/DE]Don’t tase me bro
Location: EU
Capacity: 150 players
Chat: English & German Only
IP: net.connect
Cheatpunch ON
Sleeper: ON
Airdrop: Varies between 20-40 based on player amount at the time.
Crafting: Standart
Admins: Active and watching you
Mods: Oxide with many Plugins