[EU/DE] DoorShare-1/2Craft-PvP Sleeper

[EU/DE] 29.01-DoorShare-1/2Craft-PvP Sleeper

This server is perfect for EVERYONE!
Beginners, builders, group/solo player and for sure also for PvP’ers!

>1< DoorShare allows u to build with friends and keep the ways clean!
>2< 50% Craft
>3< Sleeper keep the game interesting since u cant abuse the combatlogout!
>4< Viewable Player Count & Names
>5< Starter Kit
>7< The admin and the interactive server on its own keep the server safe from abuses, hacks, glitches, dupes
or even adminabuse since we run the Oxmin where the admin can ban but cannot spawn things into the game!

Slots: 100
Airdrops: On (10 players min)
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 50%
Time Scale: Standard

[EU/DE] 29.01-DoorShare-1/2Craft-PvP Sleeper

Hey. It is a nice server no admin abuse and very cool Community some body helped me again and again :stuck_out_tongue:

sehr guter server kann ich auch nur weiter empfehlen