[EU/DE]Noob Friendly|PvP|Airdrop16+|InstaCraft|50%Dura|Active Admins|NoWipe|


We would like to introduce our server to you.

Server is based in Frankfurt - Germany. 50 Slots - possible to upgrade anytime.

  • AntiCheat
  • Doorsharing
  • Friendsystem
  • Private Message-System
  • Airdrop needs at least 16 Players
  • possibility of removing items (e.g. wrong placed wall)
  • InstaCrafting
  • only half durability loss

So far we are 3 groups on the server (2-4 players each) and some single-players from all over europe.
We all changed from our former server which got shut down.
Since we are a friendly community we do not shoot at naked/new people.
New people will get some Materials/Items to start.

Actually we only shoot at full equipped (kevlar/m4) or Airdrop raiding people.

We would like to welcome you to our international community.

Open Console (F1) and enter:

Best regards

Join the server this evening to get a welcome present.
Simply ask for me (Bambel) to receive it.

We are raising and would like you to be part of it! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Puuuuuush

:slight_smile: Es gibt jetzt auch Parkour-Häuser und einzelne Kisten die ab und zu mal rumstehen und was nettes beinhalten :slight_smile: