[EU/DE] RAIDSERVICE! New 28.01| Active Admins| Sleepers| OXIDE| AIRDROP10|PVP

Hello there!

my friends and I made this server for having some fun together and also playing with other people. This means there are more people administrating this server. But we dont abuse Adminrights, we play as you Players and wont cheat stuff . Currently this server needs some fixing for the loottables, but with your help it should be fixed in no time! We admins can talk and read english aswell as german. The [DE] doesnt mean this server is only for germans, if youre from somewhere else you are still welcome! Come in fast and get your own base built up and get an advantage against other players! (SERVER IP BELOW)

What we offer:

  • PVP, you can even kill the admins!
  • Sleepers, raid while your enemys are sleeping!
  • Oxide, the mod that almost everyone has
  • Loottables, stuff we want you to loot!
  • Explosives/Charges allowed and craftable (low chance of drop)
  • FixYourName, hate those russian names too huh?
  • Active (Awesome) Admins, the guy you always need when theres something wrong!
  • Admins as players, we dont cheat we play fair!
  • AIRDROPS!, 10 people in and airdrop incoming! (might go up if too many players)
  • Server Backups, unexpected wipe? no problemo!
  • Raiding allowed, that is but not grieving other players and causing trouble
  • 0.25 craft, craft faster, better and higher!


  • Oxide
  • LootTables
  • FixYourName
  • Oxmin
  • CraftingController

Server Admins:

  • CLSupreme
  • NoName
  • iPat_Wambo

Server Location:

(just press F1 and type " net.connect" without “” and press enter :D)

Hope that theres enough stuff for everybody. If you guys still have questions you can hop over to the server and join the action and ask us personally!.

edit: forgot crafting times