[EU/DE] Rusted Hatchet Mod | Remove | DShare | Eco | Loc Tracking

[EU/DE] Rusted Hatchet Mod | Remove | DShare | Eco | Loc Tracking

Hello Jimmys!
Our Server will get wiped today. There is a fresh start tonight at 08:00 PM CET.
We changed from Magma to Oxide with the following adjustments:


No Decay (We are testing some values to make Decay a bit slower than normal)
Reduced Durability Loss
Door Share
Economy System
Rustnuts Live Location Tracking
Stats System
Rusted Hatchet Loot/Craft Tables ( http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/rusted-hatchet-custom-loot-table.157/ )
Group/Clan System


Bounty Hunter
Quests/Missions System

To sum it up:

Weapon and Armor durability loss is slightly reduced, because of the Rusted Hatchet Loot/Craft Tables.
You can’t craft: All Military Weapons (such as M4, Explosives etc.)
For a closer look at the Loot/Craft Tables click the link above.
You can log in on Rustnuts.com via your Steam Account to activate the Live Location Tracking, which means you can see your position live on the map.

We want the game to be as much fun as possible and not having 50 people running around in full kevlar+M4 in kinda 1 day.
That’s the reason why we decided to go with the adjustments listed above.

I hope you enjoy our server as much as we do and see you on the battlefield :slight_smile:

[EU/DE] Rusted Hatchet Mod | Remove | Dshare | Eco | Loc Tracking

(Server is named “[EU/DE]WipeToday|FreshStart 10.05. 20:00 CET” at the moment, until start at 08:00 PM CET)

Server starts in 1 Hour!

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Server just opened :slight_smile: go go go :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

Hey mikeY,

I like the combination of mods you apllied on your server.
It’s advantageous for those players who didn’t start playing from the beginning on.

Think I’ll connect to your server to see what’s up there mikeY :wink: