[EU/DE] RUSTICAL PVP *Freshly Wiped & Noob-friendly



Hey fellow RUST-players!

We just launched a new RUST-Gameserver and recently wiped everything.
Every new player on the server is welcome to join us.
We try our best to keep the server hacker-free and to provide the best possible game-experience to everyone.

  • wiped: 02.02.2014
  • active admins/no abuse
  • regular airdrops
  • noob-friendly
  • nice community


Good server and good admins:)

I can only agree with Nyrff. I have played on a lot of rust servers already, but this one is by far the best.
Nice people. Very active Admins and I have not seen any hackers so far.
I can only recommend the server. To new people as well as people who are looking for servers who have no hackers.






Free Bump


A guy called avengercoca killed me on top of my building while crafting stuff. He came out of nowhere and the top of my building is 100% sure not accessible.

A few minutes later many other players complained about him being a hacker.

Please punish him.

problem solved i guess


Hello guys,
I have joined with my 3 buddies on your server and we were very happy until today, we have gotten killed and raided while sleeping and our house is all good not a single wall or door broken, obviously is some kind of player using hacks of exploits to get inside our base and kills us while logged off.

Is there a way you can investigate this? This was done to us 3 times already…can you find the last guy that kills another player?

Ingame Name: Kandar

Thanks you.

Freshly wiped! Come join! :slight_smile:

xDude, my friend and I play on this server and we and many others can not place foundations. We have read that this is a common Rust issue, and requires you to reset your server, not the map. Please do so, because this server is dead because no one wants to play on it if they can’t build a house.
Thanks. - SevenGreys & KeyboardSpiders