[EU-DE-TR] Rusty Craft [PVP] [Arena] [Sleepers] [Events] [Custom Loot] [FairPlay] [No Wipe] [Active Admins] [Aidrop]



[No Craftable C4] [No Admin Abuse] [PVP] [Arena] [Fast Craft] [Sleepers] [Events] [Custom Loot] [FairPlay] [No Wipe] [Active Admins] [Limited Airdrops] [Friendly]

(We will add more features in the future)

Server Name: [EU-TR]Rusty Craft [NoWipe] [Arena] [Sleepers] [Events] **NO HACKERS!
Server IP: net.connect
Server Location: GER
Server Slots: 50

BAN list and steam support to report hackers/abusers: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/rustycraft

Your Support is also very important for us!

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Started On: 2/19/2014 7:06:58 AM
Created On: 2/11/2014

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Your stomach produces a new layer of mucus every two weeks - otherwise it will digest itself.

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Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors.

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Rats and horses can’t vomit.

great :slight_smile:
i build my base near the hangars, and then i got disconnected because of a server maintenance, then i log back in and see that i have lost everything, even 80% of my inventory items…

this server is bs