Hi Guys!

Mods and Server are always up to date. So join us and have fun!



UberArena is an automated Arena-Mod, no-Admin has to start it.
Type /jt1 or /jt2 to join a Team or fight alone and have Fun.
At start you will get a gun and Ammo. Be sure to empty your inventory, Items will get lost
For help and commands type /ua help

This Mod is still in progress. More Game-Modes and Features on the way

L.E.S. | Level / Skill / Playerlist / Groups / Recycler / Ranks:

Level and Skill Talents like “Armor” ," Loot" or “Bow”
Also you can level in Groups!
/top list top 10 levelplayer
/skillhelp to Show Skill Commands
/grouphelp to Show Group Commands
/shield to see ur shield amount
/learn SkillName
/respec “Skill Name” to respec a skill and get the point
/lps PlayerName to see his stats
/recyclelist to see Extra Recipes

Group cmds:
/groupcreate “Group Name” to create a Group
only the creater can invite
/groupinvite “Player Name” invite a Playrt to Group
/groupaccept Accept the Group invite
/groupleave leave the Group
/groupkick “Player Name” to kick a player
/gc for group chat
/group to see all online groupmembers
/grouplist to see all groups with leader

**Remover:**Set an Pillar to the wrong Place?
Doesnt`t matter, type /remove and hit it with Stone or something else
and its back in your Inventory

Wanna see who kills who and with what? no Problem with the Deathhandler :wink:

Share easy your Doors with your friends


  • Sleeper
  • Airdrops
  • 50%craft


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