[EU][DE] Vanilla | No Dura | Insta Craft | Sleepers | WIPE 06.06. |ActiveAdmins

Brand New Server! Started for Streamers! and the Viewers! Or people looking for a fresh start!

• Crafting Time: Instant!
• Durability: OFF!
• Sleepers: on!
• Server Location: US-NY No Lag at all! Trust me!

Server Rules:

  1. No hacking, cheating, ghosting, glitching etc.
  2. Griefing to is allowed just dont go crazy or somone will complain and i will have to remove it

Why did we bought the server? There are 1000 others…
We bought the server because:
• We are sick of hackers!
• We are sick of admin abuse!
• We couldn’t find a server with awesome plugins, and wanted the make a server for the players! Not only us.
• And because DotboLt Wanted me to make a server for him!

Press f1 to open your console and type:

Hope you come on and Play with us! and I think you will enjoy it :wink: