We just started a Rust PVP Server on the 16th January. Its using Oxide 1.82 with the following Plugins: -Door Sharing -Group Management -Playerlist -Chathistory -pm -Economy System.
There is also +50% craftspeed and random airdrops after a min of 5 players.
At moment there are 3 Active Admins, 2 more will follow soon.
We will run alot of Events like “Last Man Standing-Battles with Handcannons”, “Midnightbattles with pistols and torches”, “Breaking The Vault (Team Contest)” and much more…
It is verry funny and u can win some great prizes like modded weapons,bullets,armour…
All Event-Areas and Items (Except of the Prizes) are temporary, so the server doesnt get messed up by that stuff…

Server Rules: No Hacking! No Chaeting! No Bugusing! No Glitching! No Blocking!

Current Admins:
“A|Just Fresh”
Feel free to add us on Steam.

Join us quick by pessing F1 in the server browser and copying the following part into the console: net.connect

See ya in the wilderness bro…