[EU/DE] Wiped 24.6./Airdrop 10+/Active Admins

Hello guys,
our new server was just recently wiped. Admins are active daily [or almost daily ;)].
We have Oxide 1.18 running:
Arrow Recovery
Starter Kit
Auto Close Doors 5s
Door Sharing

Crafting time reduced to 50%

The mods might change in the future. Every change will be announced here.

Server Name: 24.06 EU/DE starter kit arrow recov Airdops Active Admins no Hackers

Server IP: (You can directly connect to servers by using the console command " net.connect " without the " ". You can open the console by pressing F1 while in menue)

I hope you guys have fun playing on our server.

Greetings, fight and survive


Come and Enjoy. Essentials is running smoothly.

Edit: 28.06. We are running Oxide again. Sorry for the changes.