EU - Delta Force | PVP | Sleeper | Oxide | Instant Craft

What will you find on this server?

  • NO Admin abuse.
  • ACTIVE (24/7) and mature admins. Feel free to ask for us.
  • ZERO Tolerance to hacking instant ban!
  • Did we mention that we hate cheaters?

Server Summary:
Well are server is brand new with the great Oxide 1.9 mod! We are trying to hit 20 players on are server if you can help us to this goal we will be grateful!

Now for the stuff you want to know:

  • Oxide
  • PVP
  • Sleeper
  • Doorsharing
  • Instant Craft
  • 24/7 Admins, between us you will nearly always find someone online to help and none of our admins will abuse for an advantage.
  • Zero Tolerance towards hacking, we will not stand for it on our server unlike most servers seem to we will not turn a blind eye.
  • Friendly server, we will always answer questions and help people who need it especially those new to the game. Although once you get on your feet you’ll be fair game