[EU] Dignity of War |No Wipes|PvP|Sleepers|Rust++|Actvie Admins|

Welcome survivor!

Here you can find information about our great community!

Dignity of War is a multigaming community born in late 2012 on PlanetSide 2.
We are around 1000+ players coming from all over the world and our goal is: we like to have fun and we like to have it in a relaxed atmosphere.
We offer dedicated administration staff that offers its time and energy in order to create, manage and administrate the tools the players need in their game.
In this community, the players step up to lead themselves and the staff offer them the structure they require.

You can find our website here: http://dignityofwar.com/

Now details about Rust and us:


We have:

  • A powerful Server maintained and managed by dedicated Admins and Moderators
  • Friendly players that will team up with you if you don’t want to play alone
  • Teamspeak section with premade channels + the ability to create you own channels when you join the Community
  • Forum section where you can exchange information, discuss or just talk
  • Active Admins and Moderators that wont abuse their powers

You can connect to our server by pressing “F1” ingame and then copy paste this: “net.connect” in to the console. Now just hint “Enter” and you will connect.

Everything is being watched by the Dignity of War Staff to ensure that there is no abuse, everything is fair and everyone is happy.

What is Rust?
Rust is a multiplayer survival game, so there will be other players trying to survive in the same way that you are. Unfortunately for you they can find you, kill you and take your stuff. Fortunately for you – you can kill them and take their stuff.
Or maybe you can make friends and help each other to survive. Rust’s world is harsh – so you might need to make friends to survive.

For us it doesn’t matter how you chose to survive. You are always more than welcome to join our Server and Community.

You can read more about Rust here: http://rust.wikia.com/wiki/Rust_Wiki

By the way. People that join our Server and the Community will receive a little reward.
In future might be lucky enough to win in our Give-Aways. We just gave away Razer hardware worth 200€.
I hope to see you on our Server somewhen and I hope I see you first. :wink:


  • Sleepers ON
  • PVP ON
  • Aidrops at 10 people (might be increased when server gets populated)
  • Remover Tool
  • Chat History + log
  • Death Handler: I only use it for the logs to be able to look into and catch hackers
  • Doorshare
  • Gametime
  • Lootspawnlist: lowered military loot slightly
  • MOTD (To show off our 500 slot Teamspeak server: ts.dignityofwar.com:9988(you can create your own channel if you like))
  • Oxmin
  • Playerlocation with AutoLocation + Custom Log system that shows coods (Allows me to spot speedhacker, noclipers)
  • Players
  • Private messaging
  • Groups (Allows you to create groups and to chat in them or even have a group motd)

Here are the Commands for the Server:
More Server Information:

Does this server have a plugin for /remove, for instance when i misplaced something and i want it moved :slight_smile: ?

Not yet. Since the server is only 2 days old I didn’t get to do it so far. But I will add it tonight when there are not many people on the server!
Till than I will be available on the server to remove misplaced stuff incase someone makes a miss stake.

Added the remove tool. Will be available after the next restart tonight.

im here for some free razer stuff hrr hrr

Well that’s ok I guess. :slight_smile:
But we wont have another Razer Give-Away in the near future because we just had one.

But we are giving away Steam and Origin keys and depending on what game you play ingame items.
For example we give away Station Cash in Planetside 2 or other SOE games.


Server getting empty. Will do a restart quick and hope that tomorrow more people will join us. Would be awesome.

Had 8 randoms on yesterday. All late in the evening since they are from canada.
Would be nice to find some EU players now.

Server had almost 20 people all day long. Was great. I hope tomorrow I’ll get even rmeo people.

This thread helped me alot: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1367399
And the event is still going on. Thinking of what I’ll do when someone get’s the crate…

Will do a restart soon less people are needed for an Airdrop. Hope I survive the night.

We had people online the whole night. Awesome that some Canadians and some people from the States are playing on my european server.
Surprised that my house still stands…

Added the a list with server commands in the op.

Added more Server Information:

Population rising slowly but it seems that we had a small set back today.