[EU/DK]Rusty Bacon Lovers -Door Sharing mod- !

Happy New Year everyone!

Do you love Bacon?
Do you love Rust?
Do you love active admins?
Do you love a fresh start?

This server is the one for you.

Just wiped 22:00 GMT+1 today (09-01)!, everyone is welcome!
Except if you a vegetarian, just kidding <;-)

Server is based in germany for optimal performance for all of Europe !

Come on in and have a blast!

“[EU/DK]Rusty Bacon Lovers -Door Sharing mod- (Wiped 9/01)”


Bump for a nice start :smiley:

Yet another bump

Server just updated, wiped 19/01… Join ind and have a great time :smiley:

Bump for 40 ppl online, join in and have a nice time :slight_smile:

Bump for all plugins working and 10 player airdrop ! :smiley:

Bump, Join in and have a great time :slight_smile: