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Connecting: net.connect

This is a server with active admins! We are using all of the latest addons to make Rust even more fun to play!

Addon list:
Location Mod – Can see where you are on a URL based map!
Base Alarm – Alerts when your base is under Attack!
Bounty – Can put a price on someones head!
Chat history – shows latest 20 chat messages!
Economy – Can trade and buy stuff with money
Door sharing – Share your doors with friends!
Friends – Can make a friends List
Groups – Can make a group with players
Kits – Starter kit
Remover tool – Admin can help you remove anything you build
Skills & Perks mod – Get skills and do more dmg against players and animals. A very funny mod!
Stats – Can see how many ppl you have killed and more
Teleport request – You can ask any admin to teleport you to your friends
Tickets system – Easy to ask questions to admins!

We have weekly Events like Arena fights!, see our forum for more information!