[EU|ENG] Project Camisado [Rare C4/Military Weapons|Custom Loot|Hardcore Realism|Slow Durability|Half Craft]

Tired of Vanilla? Try the Project Camisado Rust Server - Rare C4/military Weapons, Hardcore Realism, slow item durability as well as custom loot tables.

Excerpt from server details on the website:

"This is a server with a mammoth replayability time. Gone are the days of playing on a server where everyone is running around with C4 and M4s after the first week with everyone else on the server rage-quitting. Loot tables on Camisado are completely realistic and diverse, unlike other Rare Military servers that reduce all loot to junk.

Low tier military weapons and ammo are slightly more common than you would expect on a Rare Military server. The real challenge is preserving ammunition (which is uncraftable) and being able to use it effectively, rather than grind and look for a gun like on other servers."

For further details, visit the server details page on our website: http://camisado.enjin.com/forum/m/21277912/viewthread/11361516-server-details/page/1

Simply type net.connect in the game console to connect.

The only thing we’re missing or in need of is YOU c: Thanks for taking the time to read this!

A few regulars joined earlier and we could certainly do with more! :slight_smile:


if i understand correctly you’re enlighten.

I’m How_Much, you might remember me from CL and RL (1 and 2).
Long time no see and i plan on joining your server soon. ^^
Good luck and see you soon.