-[EU]Epic Rust Original NEW![Wiped 02.03]

  • EPIC RUST [Wiped 15/3]|Act.Admins|Airdrops+10|Sleepers|

Use the console ingame “F1” and type “net.connect” to join the server.

  • Active friendly non abusing admins.

  • Sleepers enabled.

  • Admin events.

  • Normal Crafting time.

  • 50% Durability.

  • Airdrop min. 10 players.


  1. Respect ohter players at the server, use chat in a politely and decently way. We do not accept players insulting and provoking each ohter.

  2. Preventing ohter players from looting NPC areas/houses, by locking the area/houses inside of a player’s structure. Will result removal of the blocking house ASAP.

  3. Not acceptable GRIEFING! Continuously disturbing ohter players in early game, from building up there houses. Placeing own metal doors, cellings, pillers and walls to lock players inside their houses. (Building parts that can’t be destroyed without C4). Overtake someones house by placeing metal doors.

  4. It’s strictly not allowed to cheat/hack in any way (Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack etc.) - This will result in a permanent ban! Record a video of the hacker if possible and send to an admin. Ingame just whrite /adminhelp <message here> to pm the admins.



Stable server with friendly and active admins, went here because i wanted a fresh start and so far there arent that much buildings everywhere.

Very good server with friendly admin and community. Daily admin events, with good winning prices!

Good server with friendly and active admins, And im ther so…

1/2 Crafting time added!

Fresh WIPED!