[EU]Everlast - 07/03|PVP|No Durability|Active Admins|DDoS Protection


A new Rust server has been successfully set up and launched today!
Six Active Admins - means no more stupid hackers roaming around.
Recently created - start from scratch along with everyone else.
Low Ping & DDoS Protected - you won’t be suffering from any annoying lag spikes.
No Admin Abuse - no more shitty admins who will ban you for no reason.

we also have a teamspeak server that we bought for you guys! [50 slots]

Ready to start your new adventure? Let’s go!

Very reliable guys, been playing with them for a while now.
Good luck with the server, I have already joined.

thanks :slight_smile:

I joined.Very good server!
Best of luck!

Thanks man :slight_smile:
hope you enjoying the server and enjoying the server :slight_smile: