Eu Facepunch Hapis swarming chinese hackers

I ve been playing Rust for 2000+ hours and i love it.

But i just quit. You guys seem to be surrendered to chinese hacker clans.

They use 1-2 hackers in their group of 10 and just bypass the f7 system.

And they officially killed the server. Many good players many legit players like me finally gave up.

And im not gonna start playing until we have an active admin who actively pursue and ban hackers and players playing with them. And prevent them joining back. They rarely get banned and even if they get banned they come back with new acc tomorrow and keep killimg the game. You guys need to do something about it.

There are so many servers on Rust, why stick to one? Especially if the server went bad.

I say hackers swarming official servers and facepunch need to do something you reply change server. Nice. Do you also have any ideas for hackers? Maybe about preventing hackers?

You never claimed in the OP you’re referring to multiple servers, just Eu Facepunch Hapis.

Even if that’s the case, why don’t you play community servers that are actually moderated?

Since eu facepunch hapis is an official server and there are hackers on it, you can assume that there are hackers on other official servers too.

Why would i change my server instead of hackers? Do i have to play in community servers? Do i need any reason to play in official servers?

It sounds really dumb saying hey if there are burglars in your neighboorhood why you call the cops why you dont change your neighboorhood. Why the hell i will change my neighboorhood?

If someone needs to go its hackers not me.

If you are okay with hackers go on. But saying tHeN gO pLay On otHer seRVers and dont ask AdMiNs ReMoVe tHeM is pretty dumb and annıying :joy: