[EU] Fair Rust - No Dura | Airdrops | 5 Admins | Start - 12 May

Hello everyone!

I’m here to advertise my newly created server. (net.connect

  • 150 Slots.
  • PvP: ON
  • 1 GB server
  • No Lag
  • No Hackers (Will honestly do everything in my power to kick them out)
  • Day Lenght: 1 hour
  • Night Lenght: 15 minutes
  • Sleepers: ON
  • Airdrop [20+] (But we might increase this number, as the server grows larger and stronger)
  • Ultra Active Admins 18+ [NO ABUSERS] (read the reason in the description, no lies about my activity)
  • We can teach new players how to craft, etc. (“Noob Friendly”)
  • I accept the leaders/a member of each clan on Steam, so you can easly report hacker activity around your group.
  • Players with recent VAC bans will be kicked/banned until your BAN reaches 100+ days.

The server is mostly based in Vanilla, with the exception of [No Durability], since we are aware that most of the players love that feature. We are an organized Community server at the moment, but we will have a website (fairrust.com), where we can create votations so we can find out if players would enjoy to add more features to the server, such as /Remove, etc., or keep it “Vanilla”.

The most important detail of our server, is that I will be online most of the time. I will be unemployed until the end of this year, unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you guys. I will be able to be online most of the time, to keep hackers away from you. I will try to make some events from time to time, some random airdrops even when there are only a few players online.

IP: net.connect
WebSite: fairrust.com (Coming Soon, so you can have a forum community, where you can share your screenshots; good moments; talk about other games; post complaints; report abusers and hackers, etc.)

We are ambicious, we wanna grow big in this game, we wanna learn, and do better and better everyday. ;D

Any questions? Add: King Emp on Steam.



I forgot to mention that: - “We are financially prepared for anything. We can increase the server slots anytime. We can reduce the lag even more. And we are planning to do some giveaways in the future (one per month, in our forum).”