[EU] FAIRPLAY Fresh Wipe > [PvP][Sleeper][No abuse][Active Admin][Events]

Hello People,
The server is going to start 16.02

Server name:
( You can connect via Console press F1 and write net.connect eude100.playrust.eu:28120)**
Server Location:
Europe > Germany

Info about the Server:
**No Admin Abuse
PvP On
No Lags
Sleeper ON
Normal Crafting Time
Arena Plugin (coming soon)
Random Airdrop 1 per ingame Day
PvP Tournament/Arena (Soon)
And much more after a while… :slight_smile:

**Using Cheats,Hacks,Scripts,Bots or any other third party programm is forbidden.
Only English in Chat.
Respect other Players and Admins.
No disrespectful Flame for Raids by other Player.
No Griefing
If you gain Knowledge of any violation of our Rules u have to report them.
Have a lot of fun!!

Added: DoorShare,50%Craft,Ingame Pm and some more usefull things for you guys
Have a nice Day

Server is wiped.

Feel free to join us.

Good luck Have fun

Great Server without Admin Abuse! i like

It’s down atm?

No u can join now!

Great, new start on a good server :slight_smile: - There is no admin abuse, only dedicated active admins with friends.
Come all, come now! :slight_smile:

alright, Server is running with some people now :slight_smile:

25 peoples online <3

Good Server with Admin abuse. You have to know that Admin is actively playing on this server. Once he looses, he will wipe the server again. Like he did today and then he will ban you. So be careful :wink:

Dude the people left the server coz you and your group was griefing and flaming everyone, thats why i wiped.

And there is no admin abuse, u are just mad :confused:
There are a lot of players which means the sever is nice.
Have a nice day

Mad Boys are talking… they raid many little camps and laugh about them. then we raid them and they are raging like 12y old kids

Nice people on this server and good PvP Action !!! Helpfull and good admins too!!!

40 players now online

Server updated and Online again.

Good luck have fun.

Now many clans on this Server :slight_smile:

nice server

This PvP Action was awsome and no flame just a gg!!! NICE

Awesome Day <3 ty all guys for the action

I banned 6 hacker right now, if you have info´s about more add me in steam.
Lets go for fairplay again :slight_smile:
Good luck Have fun

Hurr Hurr hackz send a pm with the steam id