[EU & FIN] Ruosteputki |PVP On | Sleepers On | Oxide | Econ | Doorshare | AirDrops | Wiped 27.1

Mod please delete this post. had to make a new post because editing the post WOULD NOT change the posts title which was so much out of date it was saying the server was last wiped last month. I PM;ed A mod asking why the title wont change and what I should do but I havent received a answer yet and its been a day and a half already. impatient as I am, Im just gonna make a new thread to advertise my server. Sorry, and thanks.

Really good server. Everyone’s been friendly so far, would love to see some mean bastards join and mix things up!

Shameless bump!

(User was banned for this post ("meme reply" - postal))

Liekki-'s post is epic :smiley: Thanks a lot mate! Oh and all you fine gentlemen who have joined to take a sneak peek at the server. Please stick around! I just checked the logs and there are over 40 unique steam id:s. Imagine if you all had stayed instead of just playing for 5 to 10 minutes each. I miss you!

Bump for the new patch / wipe 6.2.2014

Nice server with fair players. Have seen more people coming every day. Everything updated very quickly.

good times and party all the time! epic arena battles with hunting bows in the ancient greek tradition!


Bump. It is now easier than ever to start over! The server now has Welcome Kits for all new players! Kits include basic gear and stuff you need to survive your first night.