[EU-FR] Oxide - Pvp - Sleep - Freshly created - C4 and Expl. only in airdrops.

Alright guys, here’s our freshly created server, hosted in EU.

100 slots, up since yesterday, looking for a great community !

PvP and Sleeper On

Airdrops starting when enough people on the server.

C4 and Explosives only in airdrops.

Door sharing

Sticky notes ! (Leave a message for your friend or enemy using the /sticky ‘your message’ function. When another user, or yourself comes into contact with the location you left the note the message is displayed on their screen! The message is left anonymously !)

Ownership Remover ! (You can remove Wood/Metal and some other items places by you own with only 2 Pick Axe hits, and it gives back part of resources from item)

We are 3 friends and wanted to try this adventure, i promise to use my admin powers only to kick/ban hackers or douchebags and not abuse them !

I also plan to make events !

Feel free to join us ! Remember, this server is fresh ! No one already played on it so it’s good for newbies and for teams who wants to set up some kind of dominance !

IP : net.connect

(hope i didnt make too much mistakes, english is not my native language :p)