#EU/FR Rusters.eu Rust++/HalfCraft/DoorSharing/PVP/150 Slot - 8/01


Hello everybody.

Server informations:

-Servername: #EU/FR Rusters.eu Rust++/HalfCraft/DoorSharing/PVP
-Slots: 150

Important informations:

  • Wipe : 08/01/2014
  • Plugin : Rust++
  • PvP 24/7
  • Half Craft
  • Share your’e doors with your friends! [Type /share NAME]
  • Starter kits TYPE: /starter
  • Chat history
  • Private message
  • Kill notification
  • Sleeper


-No Cheating - results in a permban
-No Rasism
-No Duping - results in a permban
If you suspect a hacker, contact an InGame admin.

We have active admins and nice players ! :slight_smile:
Also there is no admin abuse.

Have fun and hopefully we will see you soon.