[EU/FR] Serveur PVP/sleep/instrcraft/airdrop/stats/history/Oxide mod


I present our new rust server. This is an FR / EU rust server hosting in Paris by Multiplay wich is a serious provider. There is oxide mod with differents plugins like :

  • Chat history
  • Stats Kill/Death ratio
  • Classement top killer & top death
  • Show your ping with /ping
  • Door sharing
  • Base alarm when it is under attacked
  • remove mod
    et and other plugin to come…

L’airdrop is configure for 15 joueurs at the moment.

Craft is instant because player like that.

We are many admin in order to be always one connected to help you if needed.

This is a new server, there is no a lot of player at the moment then you can come and start as the other

To come on the server it’s really simple press F1 in game and write :


There is a mumble server too if player wants to play in vocal with friends

We hope to see you in game