(EU) FRESH! PvP on/ Sleeper/ DoorShare/ Oxide mod/ 50% crafting/ AirDrop at 25/ Active admins (wiped 19/01-14)


We in Lethal have set up a new server hosted in sweden. All admins are Norwegian, but can speak English aswell.
We hope to get as many people as possible. Everyone is welcome :slight_smile:

WIPED 19th Jan 2014

The server runs Oxide mod with doorsharing.

The rules;

  1. All cheats are forbidden (any cheating is instant ban).
  2. Do not block entrance to areas where crates spawn.
  3. Obey the admins. They are allowed to strike upon those who i.e. flood the chat.
  4. Griefing is not allowed (griefing is when you build on some other players house / base that cannot be removed. In example pillar, foundation, ceiling and stairs. You cannot place doors in other peoples houses, nor block their entrance.

The admins are strict but very fair! We were tired of abusive admins, so we started a new server where things will be in control.

Hope to see you online! Share with friends and enemies:)

Open console by pressing F1(Standard)

and write : net.connect