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Welcome to Funky Town a fresh server run by 2 guys in London, our aim is to give our user-base the best Rust experience possible.

We hold numerous events including:
A prebuilt empty town with numerous hiding places and vantage points that we fill with loot, you can fight it out to be the last man standing to loot the whole town or maybe you will take a stealthy approach and loot it before anyone even realizes
Hidden Stashes are placed throughout the day with some nice loot, co-ordinates will be revealed and its up to you to claim it as your own.
Clans and Clan wars are very much encouraged, we have a group and friends plugin to help facilitate this.

Funky Town is currently a 50 slot server with PVP,Bounty and Sleepers on. C4 is uncraftable (drops from zombies/chests/airdrops and events only) but all other items can be researched and crafted, admins are very active and willing to help new players.

We have starter kits and custom loot tables for everything, airdrops are at every 2 hours and set for a minimum of 15 players. We have a removal tool that will let you destroy any misplaced structure (type /remove and hit the item with your rock to do this).

Server is running Oxide and various plugins.

Full Plugin List:
Private Messaging

We are always open for feedback so we can tweak the plugins and custom settings we have on the server so please leave us a message.

To join press F1 and enter:


See you there!

Server has been wiped for a fresh start today so come join the fun!

You should make this insta craft really. Its VERY frustrating to wait 58 seconds to make ONE wooden foundation