EU Game of Stones: A fun PvP server with friendly communities and rare c4!

Game of Stones - 100 slots server
Located in Germany (hosted by Nitrous Networks)

Our server is a new and fun PvP-enabled server where new Rust players are very welcome!
At this moment we are not highly populated so you can take your time to meet new people
and maybe even join their communities where you can build your base. Our friendly folks
will be happy to help you out, ofcourse not everyone is friendly but thats just part of the game :slight_smile:

Here’s an overview of the featurs of the Game of Stones server:

  • Sleepers enabled
  • Doorsharing enabled (type /share Name to share your doors with a player)
  • Very friendly abuse-free admins! (admins are not allowed to spawn items)
  • C4 is very rare, you can only get it from airdrops and loot. You can’t craft it. So raiding people
    will realy take some effort, this will give you a wider goal in game.
  • Very low item and armor decay rate
  • Lower building decay rate
  • The days are longer then the nights
  • Airdrops
  • Feature events in selected arenas (built far away from civilisation to prevent lag)
  • Server wipes will only be done if they are extremely necessary

We are running the Oxide mod on our server (for the doorsharing and the blocking of C4 crafting)

We are looking for new players and/or clans to join. We have a fun player base at the moment
(mostly active in the evenings) and there is room for more folks who want to join! Bandits or not :slight_smile: