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** Rust Server IP **

** How to Connect**
When you’re in the main menu of Rust, open your console (F1) and copy paste the following: net.connect

** Join us on Teamspeak **

** Our Admins **
SurPs, Strunky, Pig in Boots, TEA

** Check out a map of the game **

** Server Features **

  • Hardcore PvP: More difficult to obtain the following items: Ammo, grenades, explosive charges.
  • Sleepers
  • Door Sharing
  • Creating in-game groups & in-game group chats
  • Supply signals in Rad-towns boxes
  • More wood & metal building supplies in air drops
  • PM system: You can send personal messages to other players
  • Admin ticket system: Anything wrong/needs improvement on the server? Send the admins a ticket!
  • Welcome message has been installed
  • Crafting is set to half of the original speed (No more Insta-Craft)

Type /help in chat to bring up a list of server commands!