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Welcome to the Gaming-CEC.de Thread!

Server Info:
Name:- [EU/DE][PVP][Door sharing] www.Gaming-CEC.de"
Server Location: Europe > Germany
Slots: 50 (more if needs)
Quickconnect: Press F1 and type net.connect

Server Features:
● PvP on
● Sleeper ON
● Door Sharing
● Airdrops when 5 players are online!
● Chat History in Console

● English/German only.
● Any hacks or duping of any kind will result in a permanent ban and a report to facepunch and Valve.
● Respect players and the admins.
● No flaming for being killed by another player(s).
● If you see people that violating the above rules, please report them.(screenshots)
● Because of recent flaming it’s not allowed to build NEW Fondations to raid a Base; however it’s still allowed to build on Foundations that were already there.

We have a big Team with 5 Admins.
You can get on our Teamspeak3 - Server support.

TeamspeakIP: ts.gaming-cec.de

Best regards
Your ChaosEliteCrew

Great Server!

I didn’t know how much fun you can have in RUST - without all the cheaters and an active administration.
The application for the whitelist was also very quick and easy.

Thats nice to hear this.


Very good server. Active Admins and no hackers until now. I can recommend the server.

Thanks for your feedback.