[EU]GetRusted 23-03-14 !New Server! / no mods / airdrops / sleepers on / active admin

hey there,

I have made a new server , its hosted from frankfurt.
the IP is : (so : net connect in f1 console.)
or search us in the list at community : [EU] GetRusted 23-03-14 !NEW SERVER! // no mods // airdrops // Sleepers ON // active admins
wiped 23-03-14 12:30 gmt +1 .
Its a vanilla server so no mods on it. and the sleepers are ON.
On this server i offer you.

  • fun community
  • zero tolerance on hackers (even a small reward at catching one)
  • active admins (almost 24 hour coverage)

We are also thinking about organizing some events. like a arena. where people can fight to the death and the winner gets a reward.
We have a few rules

  • no hacking
  • no bug abusing
  • act mature
  • english in chat
  • have fun.
    i hope to see you soon :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned." - postal))

shit server, if they think you’re “hacking” (aka you can actually aim) they’ll send nakeds outside your house then ban you if you headshot one of them running in a straight line towards you

Worst Server EU. Admins ban us 'cause we built in the same area (next valley, not so close heh). Really, they shouldn’t play Rust if they can’t loose like big boys.

If you want to be ban with no reasons and get raided just after that. This server is fit for you!!!

Admin abuses on this server.

Got sieged for an hour by a few guys including an admin apparently. They couldn’t enter nor come close to the house cause we were inside defending it. So after an hour and a half, we got kicked and banned. 1 hour later a friend who was not there during the attack connected and saw that they raided the empty storage boxes on the ground floor.

First of all, gratz to the so smart ass admins to ban people to raid their house and to raid the empty storage boxes! I hope they liked the stones xD

Second, this server isn’t worth a shot at all regarding these manners.