[EU] Gjallarhorn PvP/Sleep

Hello fellow survivalist!

Server Name:Gjallarhorn Europe/PvP/Sleep
IP (for those who want to connect the easy way) :

Active admins, No lags, PVP, Noob friendly, No admin abuse. Sleeper on, Europe

If you want to play with us just:

  1. Start Rust.
  2. Press F1 to open console.
  3. copy paste net.connect
  4. Then just enter, play and have fun! :smile:

A little about our admins:
we have started just like you. We do not spawn anything for ourself’s or others so there is no point in asking for stuff.
We are friendly, but we do like PVP. All our admins is also mature and responsible. You will not be punished for killing another admin. Us admins should be treated just like another player but we do ask for respect.

Thank you for your time! We’ll be waiting :dance: