EU glitch

the EU server is currently bugged so that you can not open any storage boxes or backpacks
if a dev does read this and you are trying to fix it thank you

Yes man devs fix it #YOLO #agreed #swag #hashtag #hash

Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t it be pretty quick/easy to put same files that has been put on US on EU and wipe it?

i dont know but i hope they dooo

Indeed this way is so easy :slight_smile:

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I really hope Garry gives Helk and Pat access for EU so they can keep it up to date and fix problems. Garry has Garry’s Mod to take care of and now a baby son. He’ll so busy while US is getting all the updates and fixes.

EU get dupe updatedin same time as USbut , it have furnace, 48h after, and now, no wipe or fix about the storage, I just don’t see why it have problem on the EU while it get some update in the same time as US and sometime it get it 48h after

the problem is that if garry is the only one who can fix the EU server of its glitches its gonna take longer to fix the problems