[EU] HITT'N GAUDI PVP/random deathmatcharena/slpr/kit/lp WIPE 29.6.

**Welcome to Hittn Gaudi!!

This is a PVP server,
Our Teamspeak Server IP
Friendly spoken English and German Chat… but Welcome all :wink: play hard but fair!!

Sleepers on, decay off, 1/2 Durability, 1/4 crafting, starterkit if needed !!
Use lockpins and get a small chance to open doors!!
more lockpins on your belt, bigger chance to unlock;)
Airdrop with 15 players!! …look for supply signals :wink:
Don’t raid Newbies, play fair!! and calm down when raided… no rude Chat!!

/history -open the chathistory
/list - to see whos online
/kit -get starter kit
/location - to see your position…
/shinfo -see serverconfiguration and server rules…
/sethome1 -to set your teleport base point!!
/home1 - to teleport to your homebase!! 15min cooldown!!
/hungerhelp - open the Arena help
/hungerstart - to start Arena Games