[EU] Hostile Multiplay| Clean Wipe| Sleepers| Oxide | Clan play encouraged

Server Cap is 70 people

Hosted in the UK

Vanilla server and has been freshly wiped within the past week.

Sleepers are enabled so those dirty combat loggers won’t get away.

Basic rules

  1. Mind your manners in chat, being competitive is fine but nobody likes a jerk.

  2. Don’t cheat or exploit bugs for your own gain.

  3. Do not ask for any hand outs from admins, complain about people killing you or wrecking your stuff.

Hostile multiplay is a server capitalizing on everything rust has to offer.
We encourage raiding, firefights, ambushes, demolition, territory control and general tomfoolery.**

It’s suggested that you find friends to play with and to not trust anyone you don’t recognize. Being a bandit isn’t discouraged however.

To join press F1 and put in the console “net.connect” Without quotations.

So get here and fight for domination over the land!