[EU] Just A Scratch Hosted by Multiplay|Wipe 14/1|Door Share|Sleepers|PVP|Default Drops|

Welcome to Just A Scratch! A new rust server hosted by Multiplay and running their Oxide mods.

The server has:
200 Slots
Sleepers turned on
Pvp on
Airdrops set to 15 players minimum until the population increases
Door Share
Group Chat
Drops are default and have not been edited.

To connect to the server open up your console in game by pressing F1 and paste the following line then hit enter!

Admins are active on the server though if for what ever reason you suspect someone of cheating and you cannot find one,
use the modmail (located on the right hand side towards the bottom)
to contact a mod with evidence so the player/s can be investigated.

Building upon someone elses foundations will not be tolerated,
do not replace someones doors with your own or build walls inside someone else’s house, if caught you will be banned.

For a list of in game commands** type /help**

We also have our own Subreddit http://www.reddit.com/static/spreddit5.gif
Where you can post anything that is appropriate and server related!

Fun server just looking for more players!

Though my opinion may be biased :wink: so try it out for yourself!



Always looking for more NA players to keep us busy at night :wink:

This seems like a very nice server, hopefully more folks decide to join!


Basic starter kits have been added.

/Help ingame for a list of commands.

Fall damage has been turned off to prevent the forced suicide exploit, it will be enabled once a fix is released.

Server also Runs the Oxide:fix your name mod so if you are unable to connect it is most likely because you have non-standard characters in your name.

Just A Scratch

Ooo we have starter kits now! :3

Very good server and great community. :quagmire: