[EU] Kage’s RP server - whitelisting, very active admins, daily events and much more!

The server will be opening February 10. (Monday) but we are already open for whitelist applications.

Hi. I’m happy to announce our new server, Kage’s RP server - whitelisting, very active admins, daily events and much more!

It’s a whitelisting server to prevent hackers. Our admins are very good and very active! Airdrop frequently when there is 25+ players online. Reduced airdrop loot but 2-3 airdrops will be called in at once to split the loot. In-game polls. Fun daily events, hosted by the owners, winner gets a reward. Explosives is uncraftable. Sleepers. PvP.

For whitelisting write an email to: Mathiaspihl1@hotmail.com or Rich1ard12321@hotmail.com

Whitelist application form:
SteamID (go to your profile page on steam>right click>Copy URL. The long number in the URL is your SteamID):
In-game name:
Do you have a working microphone?
Any experience about roleplaying in previous games? If yes tell us about it:
Tell us something about yourself:
Why would you like to join the server?
Your character background (how did you end up on this island?):

We have a lot of rules, but it’s gonna work because we have very, very active admins.

1.You must roleplay. When communicating with others you should bear in mind that you are a stranded survivor.
1.1. Use the chat as a radio. Hackusations, technical issues etc. can be emailed to the admins and shouldn’t be randomly broadcasted in the in-game chat.
2. No killing naked people on sight.
2.1. During an airdrop you are allowed to shoot anyone on sight, if you are near the care package.
2.2. You are allowed to kill a naked person if you either know that he is armed with a firearm (a bow is not considered a firearm), or if he seems hostile/doesn’t leave the area when told.
2.3. When raiding someone, you may kill the owner(s) of the base on sight, even if they are not wearing any armor.
2. No hacking
3. No racism, trolling, harassing others, etc.
4.Use common sense.
5. No troll buildings, like building a wall close to a gateway so the owner can’t exit.
5.1. Note that for example building stairs next to a building to get to the roof, is a raiding tactic rather than an attempt of trolling.
6. You must have a working mic.
8. The ‘’un-raidable’’ base design is not allowed. It will be destroyed ASAP if made. (Search google to see what it is)