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To connect open the game, press f1 to open the console and on console type or copy/paste net.connect

Currently running rare plugin: burgaler- you have chance to open the door with a lockpick. Put Handmade Lockpick to your belt (hotbar or whatever you want to call it), try to open the door as ou normally do. You will lose the key anyway but have small chance that door will be opened. To close the door you have to do the same thing.

Free mumble!

See previous info at: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1368293

Reason of new post is that we changed things on server.

Our commands: http://cpgs.enjin.com/gamecommands
Our homepage: http://cpgs.enjin.com/

All plugins are carefully selected and reviewed by oxide developers.

No admin abuse!

Rules: http://cpgs.enjin.com/rustrules

Find helpers with writing /list on chat. Just talk to them on chat and they will help you to get started.

As new workbench is introduced we enabled all military equipment. No more stoneage!

We increased probability to open doors with lockpicks. Also if you put 6 lockpicks at your belt then probability is even higher! C4 is so overrated:)