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Welcome to our unique Rust Server named Legends!

Server is wiped! 15/5/14

Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Legendsserver
Our Website: www.Rustlegends.com

The server is located in The Netherlands and is almost 24/7 modded by our Dutch and mature admins:

  • pr0n3 (Owner)
  • G.Gunay
  • EGxD
  • freshke-
  • MobsterNL
  • Mr. Dollhead:.
  • Dennis

Our admins are friendly and will respond fast to any questions you may have. You can see which admins are online by typing /admins in chat.
We like to PvP like everyone does and it’s not like we ain’t going to PvP just because we are admins.
We will PvP sometimes and play as regular players do, but under normal conditions, this means we won’t go with full kevlar and high power weapons.
Loot from players we’ve killed will NOT be looted and we won’t raid any houses but everyone can loot our corpses!
And before we go PvP, there will be a Pop-up message telling you who of the admins are goign PvP, so everyone is warned they might get Pwned :D!

We give out rewards for voting, this means when you vote for our server on this website, you can claim your reward by typing /reward voter in chat.
The rewards you receive by voting are being modified every 2 days, so no useless rewards for you!
Don’t forget: you can vote every 24 hours for our server and claim your reward!

Plugins we use are:

  • Oxide Core: This plugin makes it possible to run most of the plugins below.
  • Groups: Able to form groups of players with the ability to disable PvP and more. (commands: /ghelp)
  • Advanced Economy: Buy/sell items for money earned by killing players or animals. (commands: /ehelp)
  • RemoverTool: Able to remove buildingobjects, only if they are connected to YOUR own foundations. (commands: /remove)
  • PvPArena (NOT LIVE YET!): Able to team up against other players in an arena!
  • DoorSharing: Share all of your doors with your trusted fellowers (commands: /share “name” /unshare “name”)
  • PvP Protection: Players who are new on the server can ask an admin to receive PvP Protection for a few hours.
  • Death Handler: Shows who got killed by who, with what weapon and from how far, also has a leaderboard. (commands: /stats /ranking)
  • Advanced Kits: The possibility to use certain kits for a few times (commands: /kit)
  • Bushy Mute: Used to mute people who just can’t stop talking.
  • Bushy TPA: Used to teleport to players and set homes. (max. 2). (commands: /tpr “name” /tpa /sethome 1 or 2 /home 1 or 2)
  • BaseAlarm: Alerts you with a chat message when an object of you is under attack.
  • Inventory Viewer: Used by admins to see what players are carrying in their inventory.
  • FPS-booster: improves FPS for players who don’t have a strong gaming PC. (commands: /fps)
  • Auto-Save: Automatically saves all files after a certain time.
  • Chat History: Shows the last 20 chat entries. (commands: /history)
  • PrivateMessaging: The possibility to send private messages to eachother. (commands: /pm “name” [message] /re [message])
  • Decay Control: Used to modify the time when a building or object starts decaying.
  • Ip Logger: Tracks all connects and disconnects of all players. (used by admins)
  • Rick Voter Reward: Used to give the in-game rewards to players for voting.
  • Limited Sleepers: Makes it possible for us to modify the sleeper-time.
  • Shutdown: Used to easly restart the server and with a countdown.
  • Vanish: Used by admins to go unvisible.
  • Updater: Notifies when there are newer versions available for our plugins to stay ahead.

To get more information or commands for these plugins please typ /help in chat.
And please do NOT hesitate to ask for an admin’s help In-game!

Some additional information:

  • Sleepers: 2.30 minutes
  • Auto-deactive Remove: 2.00 minutes
  • We are still working on constructing our PvP Arena.

Server Information:

  • Ip: net.connect
  • Host: France
  • players playing a day 60 / 68
  • Player peak 71
  • Last Wiped: 15/5/14

I think I’ve said most of the stuff you guys may want to know. The last thing I can say is “Hopefully we’ll see you In-Game and enjoy our server!”

Best Regards,
The Legends Crew


Change log : Wiped

  • We wiped the server because of the lag and the many many houses.
  • Also we removed and added a few plugins to the server
    (also effective to the players and admin)
  • Server got wiped 15/5/14 (22:00) (Fresh and clean :slight_smile: )




thanks for Joining all <3