[EU] Les InKrust | Oxy | Eco | Wanted


I present the server [FR] PVP | The InKrust | Oxy | Eco | Sleep, It has been created to bring together a community of francophone players , friendly and fair play.
Visit our forum ==> http://les-inkrust.forumactif.org/

To join, press F1 in the main menu of the game to open the console and type: net.connect

It has 60 slots and is expected to last at least 6 months, the sleepers mode is activated ( your character remains in games when you are deco ) .
The mod is installed oxide , and following plugins:
-door -share : allows you to share your doors with other players
-group : create your group
ticket - admin: sent a message to admins recurring and be sure they see
-starter kit : Obetenez startup kit with a simple command

  • Economy: A Monetary System , you start with $ 100 and you raise money by killing zombies , animaux.Vous can spend buying resource base and putting Wanted on other players
  • Bounty : Turns contracts on other players through other finance kill your target
    and other …

We are two to administer the server [ INK ] WeedSoul and [ INK ] ghost and we do not use the command to give / god for the simple reason that it would return to cheater and that would destroy our taste for games.
We will do all we can to make updates to the server quickly and it is stable. (hosted at Multiplay )
We also ensure that the server rules or follow (see the relevant section ) and that cheaters is put on the door.
The air -drops are set to 15 players for the moment we will adjust this number based players present.
We offer vents such struggle in the arena, manhunt , treasure and do our utmost to offer you more and more.
We will assist in these tasks by two co- admin [ INK ] and Sun ? .

All new players can join the hotel new players , they will have 48 hours to gather enough resources to build their homes.
It can also get a starter kit by typing in the chat window :

/ "hotel " kit : 1 wooden door, 1 Sleeping bag , 1 stone hatchet , 1 bow, 5 arrows .
/ " adventurer " kit : 1 cabin, 1 camp fire , 1 sleeping bag , 1 stone hatchet , 1 bow and arrows 5 .

Do not hesitate to ask us for help when you arrive on the server !

The InKrust waiting for you!

The server also has a Mumble == > Address:

Good Planning !