[EU] METALTOWN - Official Ruleset, No Admin Abuse, No Lag, Fairplay

We updated our server and have wiped for the new patch:

After getting sick of Hackers, Cheaters and abusive admins we have a server setup. All are welcome!

[EU] METALTOWN Wiped 21/03

Full PvP, Sleepers, normal craft times. Same ruleset as official servers. The only rule is no cheaters. Griefing, ganking etc. is all fair game. Cheating/Hacking is instantban.

There is no admin abuse, this server is simply created to replicate the Official servers, without the hacking/cheating.

Hopefully see some of you there, already filling up after the wipe, now’s a good time get established :slight_smile:

Press F1 and type “net.connect” in the console to join


how often do you reset? i’m from UK2 and wouldn’t mind making this my new main server since there is nothing happening with the official one

Server is freshly reset as of 02/01/14

More players are starting to join now, still plenty of space for you to get established and lots of resources to get a head start before it fills up


Hey server was recently wiped for new patch!

This is the best server i’ve been on
everyone has been really friendly and helpful since i’ve joined it

active community along with same rules as official and active admins makes it feel just like an official server! only without the hackers

Server is steadily growing glad to see people enjoying it :slight_smile:

Got myself a nice house and am happy to not being attacked by hackers and dupers.
Great server and nice admins!

It’s all kicking off. Communities are forming and bases are being raided! Map is still largely untouched with plenty of space for new comers to get set up

this server is defiantly my 1st choice server now nice community and its good to know the hackers aren’t on this server

i’ve got nicely setup now

when i was 1st setting up i had a someone come up to me (i cant remember his name now) but he was in full kevlar and i was thinking oh crap i’m dead

but instead he gave me a P250 and some ammo and some food to help me get started

i’ve loving this server

Still searching new survivors to join !

active community and not a hacker in sight

We are searching for some US groups to play on the server to keep population high outside of peak EU hours.

We are happy to help with getting you set up, plenty of good locations available for base building too!

Bump, sigh - against the rules no doubt.
Played a little on it, seemed fine re hackers and someone got banned for racism; so all good.

Thanks for the kind words splatta, look forward to seeing you on METALTOWN again soon!

Fun server, airdrop is set to begin when 50 players are online (like official) so we are trying to get more people online this weekend for our first airdrop! Come play :smiley:

Indeed we are aiming to hit 50+ players this weekend for the first time. Our current peak is around 35~ so we are getting close. Server is starting to form a nice friendly community. Be warned however, we have a few bandits and a group of russians and have begun hunting people at night!

Currently half way to our goal of 50 players today. Hopefully see some more folks on there today :slight_smile: