[EU] METALTOWN *Wiped 19/01* No Cheaters / Official Ruleset

Introducing [EU] METALTOWN

Sick of hackers, cheaters and admin abuse. This server was setup as a safe clone of official servers.

The server is a Full PvP, Sleepers server. It copies the same rules as Official Servers, without the cheating and hacking. That means PvP, ganking and griefing are all fair game. The only thing disallowed is Cheating / Hacking.

There is no admin abuse, and cheaters/hackers will be banned instantly.

A public TeamSpeak is also available.

The server was freshly wiped at 19/01 and is already beginning to fill up. Now is a good time to join and get established!

Press F1 and type “net.connect” in the console to join


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Server is getting a small and steady increase in population. We welcome all new comers to a hack-free environment.