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Server IP:
Website: http://n0rserver.net


Economy - Economy Plugin that makes a currency system in-game
Airdrops - Airdrops every 2nd in-game day between 7am to 4pm
Remover - Remover tool that makes you able to remove stuff you have missplaced
Groups - Groups makes you able to form groups and have group chat and friendly fire on group members
Stats - Stats makes you able to track who has the most kills/deaths etc…
Death Messages - Death Messages makes you able to see who killed you at what distance and with what
Chat History - Chat history makes you able to see previous chat messages
Door Share - Door share makes it even easier to share doors with your friends
Infinite Furnace - Infinite Furnace makes you able to turn on your furnace at night without using resources but just as an light source
Kits - Kits is a plugin that gives you a starter kit when you join/die, so you dont need to farm the basic stuff
PM- Private Message makes you able to chat privately with other players
FPS - FPS makes you able to boost your FPS with only one command, useful for bad computers

Vouch for this server. Extremely active and friendly staff and good plugins.

Wiped so its Fresh now :slight_smile: Also added Economy Plugin!

Bin4ry - Steam Name!

Come join in the fun! Fresh wipe!

BUMP!!! Great Server amazing admins, always active, fun, fresh, no lag, start kit (not to powerful but not bad) Come join before its full :smiley:

I tried it and tho I have no problem with the community, this server’s bleeding from many wounds.
It lags just enough to be unplayable while pvp, also it’s a pay2win server…If you’d like to get raided, getting hs with bolt actions from huge metal bases the next day after the wipe, irreal donation systems, frequent wipes (they have to wipe the server quite often because after a while server starts lagging so badly that you can’t even farm), then this is your place… Otherwise there are far better servers than this.

Sorry to say, but it’s not recommended.

Funny how you say its Laggin. the ping is 60 and its no lag -.-"
Nice try to thrash our thread though.

Masterial you haven’t even played on the server! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t feed the trolls

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Still we are looking for moderators with some experience, come down check the server out and apply on the forums

this server is awesome, i have been playing on N0r servers now for almost a month, and i will continue to have N0r Servers as my main for as long as i play rust :wink:

now with the new updates,the economy module and the cool Infinite Furnaces(lights up at night),it most deffinetly is fun and good :wink:

and barely any lag at all, i do get minor lag spikes, but thats just for a few seconds,and long time apart,the ping is great and as i said, very little lag or none at all.

so be sure to check out N0r servers,atleast give it a try before you make judgement :slight_smile:

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Nevermind, the problem got resolved.

Nevermind, the problem got resolved.

We know you guys are mad cause you got caught cheating but really xD
take it like a man and move the fuck on.

It’s a pretty nice server I suppose, shame it’s filled with 12 year olds and people with murderboners like the rest of Rust

Nevermind, the problem got resolved.

Here is your prrof: http://puu.sh/8VkIZ/61cac4d8d7.png
a shot the the head with a P250 at 118m and no damage was taken before that shot. so it means it was a one shot the the head at 118 meters.

the range of a P250 is 120 meters but i doubt you can one shot at that range and to the head… must be aimbot.

So there is your proof.

Nevermind, the problem got resolved.

Glad we could resolve the problem guys


Server got wiped yesterday :wink: so a fresh start for anyone who wants to join it :slight_smile:

friendly server and a fresh start is always fun :slight_smile: